We rule over pixels and conquer hearts. Since 2008.
We rule over pixels and conquer hearts. Since 2008.
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Thank you for fruitful cooperation in creating the website for the El Lissitzky exhibition which took place in two museums at once — the Tretyakov Gallery and the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. We thank you for your careful approach to the task – you found the right visual image that connects the exhibition spaces in the two museums and also the recognizable style of the artist himself. Despite the limited time, your team managed to implement the project efficiently and thoroughly. Good luck to the Studio!
Zelfira Tregulova
CEO, Tretyakov Gallery
We loved working with Sulliwan Studio — and we loved the work. The team came up with a beautiful yet simple visual identity that managed to tell a complex story without any words, inspired by the product itself and the concept of creativity, light and inspiration.
Mariya Zolotkova
CMO, Yandex.Zen
Our task was to relaunch a website of our educational programme. By that time, it was clear that we needed a full-fledged platform solution that would be useful and meet the high requirements of the Russian community of architects and urban planners. By joint efforts of Strelka Institute teams, Daniil Perushev team and Sulliwan Studio a set of functions and tools was developed, which formed the basis of the updated platform. The whole project lasted for more than a month, which inevitably resulted in new ideas and adjustments during the development process. The high level of integration and the desire to create a quality product have become our constant companions, which guaranteed a brilliant result we are all proud of.
Artem Gerasimenko
Project Director, Архитекторы.рф
We are a development studio that has been conducting complex technological projects for many years. And as usual, customers often come to us and say: “OK, we know that you are good engineers but where do we find the cool designers?” For many years, we have been meticulously choosing the potential contractors, whom we could recommend to our clients. According to our experience, Sulliwan is one of the few studios with an informal attitude to work and delivering results efficiently and on time.
Danil Perushev
Partner, Perushev&Khmelev
We wanted to create a functional website the design and meaning of which would reflect Universal University’s work. Each of our schools is an industry-disrupting educational project. It was essential for us that our website did not look like a typical university page. Finding and approving the concept was not easy but we are delighted with the result! Even though our deadlines were somewhat limited, we managed to finish the project on time. And, of course, it's lovely that Dmitry Sulliwan is a graduate of the British Higher School of Art & Design, one of our educational projects. We love working with our graduates! Thank you, Sulliwan Studio.
Katerina Cherkes-Zade
Director of the university, Universal University
We needed to bring five sports, hundreds of simultaneously running sports courses and 59 regional branches on one website. The task was not simple, to say the least. But the guys took it up, plunging into its essence as deep as possible. What delights me in my partners is attention to detail. And there was plenty of attention in the Studio’s work. Although we did not manage to do everything on time, the result turned out to be cool. I definitely do not regret it and certainly recommend working with them.
Max Zhurilo
CEO, Supersport
We always try to come up with digital products for our large-scale museum exhibitions. With the Studio, we worked on the launch of a website for the El Lissitzky exhibition, and an online catalog of the project called The Impossible is Inevitable. They have always carefully delved into the idea and content of the exhibition, made clear requests for the necessary information, and always met in person in the event of controversial situations.
Nina Dymshitz
Head of PR Department, The Jewish Museum
Putting aside the positive bias, we love the guys for their acumen, clear vision, and results. They perfectly understand our customer nagging. The projects are managed in the best way you would want them to be managed. And the result always turns out the way you wanted it to be and at the same time exceeds your expectations.
Sasha Starodubtseva
Creative Director, Coopywriters
Founder, Art Director
Senior Designer
Creative Director (Coopywriters)
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