The World Chess Championship of 2016 was the first time in this type of sport broadcasted with the support of virtual reality technologies. To help online viewing of the game in the format of 360° the Studio has developed an eyewear device based on Google Cardboard, and designed packaging.
November 2016
For the first time in the history of chess, anyone could experience "being" next to the game board, the champion and the candidate.
At the Championship
The cardboards were presented to those guests of the championship who paid for the online broadcast package or came to the venue.
Magnus Carlsen The World Chess Champion
Peter Thiel Entrepreneur and venture capitalist
The Process
The design was based on the Google Cardboard v2.1, and then the dimensions and the assembly diagram were substantially modified. In addition, to get people seeing a better image 37 mm diameter lenses were installed.
Sketches of the lettering. Silk screen printing was applied to both the device and the packaging.
Dmitry Sulliwan
Kate Chalykh
Print Manager
Makar Bogdanov
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