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The World Chess is the media for chess players and those interested. The publication tells about the world of chess, provides current rating of players and broadcasts the best games from the original. On request of the FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), the Studio has created a website that highlights events and immerses people into the world of chess.
september 2015
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The main page is an aggregator of publications, news, events and updates of the rating of the top players. The main teaser has a few options depending on the events: broadcasting, topic, or important news.

The site also presents the official both administrative and legal updates from the Federation
Teaser of the broadcast
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The ranking presents statistics for each player in different game types: classic, blitz and rapid with the ability to compare with other players. By the way, the attachment of players to the color of the figures is not a legend. Therefore, in each chart you can compare how a chess player was playing both white and black figures.

Every month The rating is updated each month based on the FIDE protocols
A profile of an individual player: statistics of games, publications, photos and biography
Superior Title
The font is used to create the ‘voice’ of the site and to work with large headers
PT Serif
This font has demonstrated the maximum convenience in reading by players, a third of whom wear glasses
Helvetica Neue
For service annotations and descriptions
During the competition a special chessboard is used, equipped with electronic sensors that capture the movement of figures. From the board information about the moves is sent to the computer of the judge of the competition, then to the server of the Federation. From the server via specially crafted gateways the information comes to the website of World Chess, transforming back into a board with figures.
3-5 SEC In the initial tests, the difference between the move of the player and the display in the broadcast was 30–60 seconds. After debugging the difference was reduced to 3–5 seconds
The website Editor in chief is Dylan McClain, a chess analyst. He was writing a chess column for The New York Times for 6 years. Under his leadership, the editorial team conducts a detailed analysis of the game, which turned out to be no less exciting than the parties themselves.
Analytical articles are of greatest interest to readers and allow you to understand the strategy of the top players’ games
New York 2016
In November 2016, New York will host the World Chess Championship, where the current world champion a Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and the winner of the candidate selection a Russian Sergey Karjakin will meet.
A set of icons has been designed for the website, also all the chess pieces used in the party players have been crafted. A users’ icon on the website is created from a portrait of the current world champion (a Norwegian Magnus Carlsen at the time of writing). As soon as the place of the champion is taken by another player, the default user is changed to the one of the winner. For the most perspective players several profile pictures are made in advance.
Some of The plans for further development of the project are the creation of a gaming platform, increasing the functions of broadcasting, and also the creation of a section on learning chess.
Just play it — the best minds win!
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